Ice Cream and Cooking

"He Cooks me dinner and gives me Ice Cream"

"He Cooks me dinner and gives me Ice Cream"

~ My 5 1/2 year old after being asked what his favorite thing about his Dad is

What is your favorite thing about YOUR Dad? Have you stopped to think about it lately? Thanked him? Told him you love him and appreciate him? DO IT! Today and heck every day!! They deserve it, right?

To the Daddy of my babies, Andy we appreciate you and I thank you for everything you do for me and these kids, it's likely we'd be down right lost without you!


My kids have been so lucky to have such great Grandfathers in their lives too! Caiden shares his favorites about them too! Happy Father's Day to the men in my life, I'm proud to have such role models for my kiddos to look up to. We love you!



I know you're not into Facebook much and a blog,what's that right? It's ok, I'm tracking you down this time, I love you and appreciate you and you wanna know what my favorite thing about you is?? You love the women in your life with everything you have and I'm proud to be one of them!! I love you Dad! Mwwwuah!



Want to make the special Dad in your lives a "Dad" collage that you see in this post?

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