A Little Lady and her Balloons at the Barn : Emmeline | uniontown washington children photographer


I LOVE little people so much! There's something about little "mini mes"  that I find so fun, challenging, interesting, adventurous and innocent, but so much smarter than we give them credit for. Some shy, some full of spunk and spitfire! Little 18 month old Emmeline was all of the above, the sweetest little lady and what a beauty!I also love it when a Momma is equally fun and cares so much about our session together to create these lasting moments to remember just how little they are. You just don't get it back! This Momma was no exception, she and I had been planning this session for months, having turned one later in the year last year, we were just waiting for the perfect outdoor weather, and choosing the perfect colors and outfits. Lots of  fun leading up to this day!


There's something about a fun session with adorable littles that instantly takes me in the kid zone and I end up having a great time! I hope Momma feels the same way, she worked her booty off!! :) Now if only I had that kind of luck with my own babies!


And did I mention little miss Emmeline has an adorable sister too? Miss Scarlett let her sister have the spot light most of the evening but I couldn't pass up the opportunity for a little sisterly love of course! Sisters do ROCK after all!


What a lovely evening back in my hometown with beautiful ladies! I look forward to seeing them again real soon! Thank you Sam for all your hard work, patience and commitment, I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them