Maritime Meets Mountains Wedding : Beth + Jason | Sandpoint Idaho Wedding Photographer Janel Gion

You know when you meet someone and you just know this meeting was meant to be, like somehow, someday this person(s) might touch your life in a way you don’t know about yet? What roll exactly someone will play but a connection exists in some way shape or form and you say “we will meet again”? This is how I feel when I think about the relationship I’ve build with my very first wedding photography client and friend, Beth and her now husband Jason and thus fallen in love with photographing weddings!

What started as a co-worker turned friend relationship, our paths continued to cross on occasion and one day I received an email from Beth requesting that I shoot her wedding for her in July. Beautiful artist and creator of amazingly creative things, lover of nature and the beautiful things in it, finds a passion for love and life from the sea to the sky (and blue just so happens to be my favorite color too, perfect!). I knew for sure I was meant to be a part of this journey these 2 were about to start together to help document the real, authentic beauty they were living and committing to live together.

Beth and Jason, working with you has been nothing short of a dream. From the moment I met the 2 of you over wine (and maybe a few nerves) for the first time, I knew this was the roll you would play in my life and I was honored to be trusted with such an awesome opportunity. Thank you for being you. Much Love and Appreciation...J


As the calm spirit that she is, I arrived at the salon as Beth was getting ready for her big day, quietly chatting with her stylist and enjoying the moment as she reminisced about the anticipation and excitement that was to come that day. Driving up to the wedding site had me filled with jitters and joy as I followed the adorable driftwood signs the whole way.


And later bridesmaids and friends running about setting up and styling the pieces that took COUNTLESS hours she and so many others spent preparing and planning, DIYing and creating just the right pieces to make the day just right, it was all about to be revealed!


The wedding day was beautiful! What can be a finicky corner of north Idaho for weather, Sandpoint came through for an amazing day with the light of the warm sun and later the  almost full moon for the perfect day! The wedding ceremony and reception was nestled against beautiful Baldy Mountain overlooking the Pend Oreille Lake so the view was--naturally--breathtaking.


Beth's wedding gown was stunning just like the bride of course. Fashion designer that she is, Beth added her own special details to make it just her style and wow, works of art! She even made her own beautiful reception dress! (future post more on that work of art later)


Style and fashion were not lacking a bit with the bride or groom for this ocean maritime themed wedding. From the delicate details to the fun and stylish attire from the groomsmen and bridesmaids, so fun!


Beth and Jason opted to wait to see each other until the ceremony and the reaction for them both, melts me!


Although the sun was hot, the intimate setting for the ceremony captured the hearts of many with touching vows and thoughtful moments, it was the perfect setting to witness among nature and all it’s glory.


The stroll (or should I say wilderness hike) down to the spot I had picked to steal  them away after the ceremony for photos was delightful, emotions were high and the silence of the forest was perfectly peaceful for them to enjoy their first moments as Mr. and Mrs.


Surrounded by an amazing support team to make this special day happen for, vibrant, and kind friends and was evident they are loved!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Sandpoint has afforded me a lot of things and gorgeous backdrops is right up there at the top! I don’t get tired of it!

 {Insert color version of beth and jason walking up to family in field at sunset}

Even the quirky sides too!


The remainder of the evening was spent celebrating a perfect day for two people who deserve nothing less...