Hi I'm Janel Gion.

Hi I'm Janel Gion. Wife. Mom. Photographer. Designer. Health Advocate.

I wanted to share something from my heart this morning.

Honestly I wasn’t really sure how to put into words until recently that brought it all to light, and always in the form of tears down my face....cause, well that’s what I do. 

I feel. And I love pretty hard it turns out... something I’m not 100% sure I realized until lately more and more. I am blessed. So blessed, beyond words really.

I get to be wife. { to a man that would do anything for me. We're not perfect. but it’s our perfect and we get to do it together. }

I get to be mom. { to 2 littles that make me laugh. and cry. and are just like me in so many ways & drive me crazy for those same ways and I wouldn’t change it for the world. }

I get to be photographer and designer. { a creative passion and journey I am crazy about and get to call my career, make people smile & who make me smile, create memories, be challenged & challenge others. }

Healthy. { I wake up everyday and am grateful God gave me this body. I put it through the hardest tests and love the reflection I see in the mirror, not beat it up, a daily work in progress.. }

I am an example of wellness and health to my kids and the people in my life. { because I choose it and I know I love it, but WHY? And truthfully, I wasn’t truly able to define why into words until more recently. A friend who I have recently been getting to know better helped me define why I continue to work to make this something else I GET to do. It was simple really but opened my eyes to more. I aim for overall health in my life, what’s inside and outside. I want to share this side of me with people that will take me for me and FLY! Plus....it’s SUPER fun and incredibly motivating for me in my own journey! 

Here’s a note I received from her: "Thank you! I appreciate how helpful you are. And how much you understand. I need someone who can say they understand and that they make mistakes too, and that it is okay to do so! So thank you, I appreciate it more than you know! :) "

Then she went on to share this devotional from a book she's reading (that I bought right away) called "Made to Crave Devotional." The author shares a story about a woman, who lost 100 lbs and her son who when asked "Can you believe that's your mom, doesn't she look great?" With a confused looks says, "hmmm. She still looks like my Momma to me!"

My friend then comments to me: "I loved this little story because it shows us a different side. Yes, it's important we get our health on track and get to where we feel comfortable, but the people who love us, REALLY LOVE us. I spend so much time dismissing my hubby’s compliments to me. When he calls me sexy, I always tell him to shut up. We don't see ourselves as others do. A lot of times the people we love don't even really see our appearance. We are just Momma, and that is what is important."

WOW how I could relate! My own hubby would take me any old size and I often get upset with him about that. But why would I EVER dismiss that kind of love? And for ME, that is all the more motivation to LOVE myself even more and be healthy for me and all of us, WIN WIN for everyone, right?! SO! (if you’re still here and I hope that you are, thank you) But t's very simple really.

I’m just me. Janel. I am wife. mom. photographer. designer. and health.

One may say I am a "normal" human being who makes and still makes a lot of mistakes in this life and can relate to people, and admit I'm not perfect. I simply want to share what I have learned about myself along my life's journey with fitness and food. The healthy and unhealthy relationships I have with it. What exercise and wellness from the inside out has helped me to overcome, which have been some pretty intense & personal battles about how I see and treat myself & strive to apply to all areas of my life as a result.

I still have high expectations but I’m choosing to be present and doing this life as me and it feels good.

If you are wondering what I do or how I do any of of it, let's chat. I’d love to celebrate successes and make mistakes right alongside you and learn together. I have a tribe of people that are on my side and that is the best feeling in the world and I would love to have you along for the ride too if you’ll except it! Email me at janel@janelgion.com or drop your email below. 💕🎉

Happy Weekend Friends!