Personal Note: Perspective and Seasons

Sometimes it's all about perspective and living in the season you're in. Today I'm sharing a personal perspective in light of turning another year older.

While brother is away the girls shall play! Yesterday was such a fun day with this girl. While the hubs was at work and brother was away for Spring Break we opted to play. Mondays for me are my day to catch up, do the photographer things, do the Momma things, really it's one of my favorite days of the whole week! I get to do the things I love.

Yesterday I aged a year older and I feel just as young as ever, AND got to do all the things I love. Slept in, ate breakfast together with my girl (slowly enjoyed my coffee), colored, crafted, exercised, showered and got dressed in more than just workout clothes (even makeup!), little spa time for nails and then family dinner out with hubby and friends. It was truly a magical day.  (Even planned for a photo shoot that e rescheduled for Friday!) :) 

So why was I so down and out today?? grrrr!! 

I was literalIy in a funk! Like so grumpy it was ugly! 

Nothing was working, made a healthy Feast day breakfast, than got to work in the morning, trying to focus on my tasks, feeling defeated and uninspired to get done what needed to get done. 

So I  attempted a workout. But in doing so, I got super frustrated, I wasn’t feeling as energized as I needed to power through, I felt weak and unmotivated, smashed my finger, got mad and it all just came to a halt! In that moment I asked God, “What do you want from me today God?” What is my purpose today?” I sat down and just closed my eyes for about 15 minutes and just sat, with my thoughts. Tried talking myself out of finishing the workout “tomorrow is another day” or whatever, I don’t need this today. Instead, I prayed a short prayer asking to give me perspective and to be in the season I’m in in this moment and somehow turn it into praise. After all, yesterday was such a great day, what could possibly be so bad?

There’s 2 sides to everything and I KNEW i would feel better if I just powered through. So I did what I do. Power through. I am only in control of right now, cleared my head of distracted and got it done. 

This isn’t just about dedication to your workout, or taking time for yourself to exercise or eat healthy, and get it done, but more around your perspective. This little lady gives me perspective. My family and my friends give me perspective and when I lose sight, I will remember that. (photos below taken with iPhone 6s)

In all things, there are 2 sides to everything. Ask what you can do better in this moment and don’t choose to see what the enemy wants you to see but rather what He wants you to see! Get rid of the distractions and just do you. Let yourself experience the different seasons but see both sides and don’t let the enemy win! Live in your season! :) Thanks for letting me share! <3 #lifeauthentic #TruthTuesday