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Family, Wedding and Personal Branding photographer and creative digital designer serving fun-loving, ambitious entrepreneurs.

Your dreams.
your vision.
your brand.

Hi! I’m Janel! I am a personal branding photographer and graphic designer serving fun-loving, ambitious entrepreneurs. Photographing your life and business's so you can do what you do best and live your best life.

Let’s take your business up a notch!


I Am So Glad You Are Here!
What Can I Help You With?


3 Week Website + Branding Bundle

Tired of DIY-ing your own website only to want to throw a boot into your screen from trying to figure it out on you own? You are your brand but you don’t have to DIY IT ALL! Don’t look like everyone else in your industry, let’s help you STAND OUT!?


Personal Branding Photography

Every single touchpoint of your brand AND your life is a chance to make memories or make someone “OOOO + AHHHH” straight into your shopping cart or the hearts of the ones you love! From start to finish, this experience is fun, light hearted + extra joy filled!


Family, Seniors and Branding Photography

Do you need a photo shoot to capture your family as it is today? Are you celebrating an amazing event in your life, like graduating high school or starting your new business? I am here for you! Let’s make memories!


I’m Janel Gion

Your brand photographer, graphic designer and obsessed with living my, healthiest, happy life with big dreams for you and your business! I help busy entrepreneurs take their dreams and vision for their company and create a business VISUALLY appealing for YOUR brand. (not like all the other gals)

I left my corporate career of 18 years, to pursue my own dreams of being my own boss, and as someone who walks the walk everyday, it is now my honor to help YOU take your dreams and visually execute from behind the camera and the computer, YOUR brand and YOUR portraits to reach YOUR goals and showcase YOUR memories! Keepin’ it real since 1979.


Create a Stunning First Impression online

A brand is YOU. It’s a like a personality, a person; it has a distinct style and character all it's own.

Your business has a unique story and a special-to-you way of carrying out that message of your story. It also has a unique lifer ( that it’s trying to attract.

So your brand should clearly convey its unique mission and draw in potential clients and customers right from their very first interaction with it.

Your brand should be different and one-of-a-kind because YOU are different and one-of-a-kind.

And this is what makes my job as a designer and photographer is so much fun. I love the challenge of creating a one-of-a-kind visual identity for creative businesses.

I want to help you create a stunning first impression with YOUR audience through a beautiful brand and website.